Acrylic Nails: A liquid and powder mixture used to extend or overlay the natural nail.

Acrygel: An acrylic and gel hybrid product that is UV or LED cured.

Chrome: An ultra fine specialty powder that is rubbed into a special top gel to give a chrome like shine.

Dip Nails: Typically applied with a resin/glue base but also can be used with a soft gel base and an acrylic based powder.

Disinfectant: A product (medical grade) used after proper cleaning of tools of debris to kill all bacteria/spores/diseases/illnesses so it can be used on another client.

Enhancement: to enhance the natural beauty of ones nail by the use of various nail products.

Flash Extensions/Gel X: a soft, soak off, pre-made, full cover gel extension that must be soaked off and re-applied at every service.

Full set: Application of any extension product on all ten nails (overlay, tip overlay or sculptured set of nails).

Gel Nails (aka Hard Gel): An oligomer based UV or LED light cured product used to extend or overlay the natural nail.

Gel Polish: A light cured colored nail coating.

Manicure: Cleaning and detailing of the cuticles and nail plates.

MMA: an acrylic liquid that was banned in use of nail products by the FDA in 1978 due to the harm it causes clients, almost impossible to soak off. 

Ombre: To blend 2 (or more) colors together seamlessly.

Overlay: This is a full set application without the aid of tips or forms.

Pedicure: Cleaning, scraping and detailing of the feet and toes.

Poly Gel (aka Acrygel): An acrylic & gel hybrid product that is UV or LED cured.

Press On Nails: A full cover nail that is applied by a sticky tab to “press on”. If these nails are applied with glue they are known as full cover nails.

Sculptured Nails: The use of a nail form (metallic, plastic or lined paper) to extend the natural nail with an enhancement product. 

Shellac: A sub brand of CND, of traditional gel polish. Not all gel polishes are Shellac, but Shellac is a gel polish.