1. What forms of payment are accepted?                                                                              

We accept cash, PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

2. What if I can not make it to my appointment on time?    

All appointments are allotted a 15 minute grace period. If you do not make it within the grace period you could be asked to take a shortened service or the appointment will be canceled. At which time a cancellation fee will be charged.

3. Why can’t I get a same day appointment?

At Classy Claws all appointments are booked anywhere between three weeks to six months in advance. It is highly unlikely there will be a same day appointment available.

4. Why is there a cancellation fee?

The time that is made for your appointment is exclusively for you and no one else. We do not double or triple book appointments. Therefore without 24 hour notice money is lost (time theft), whereas someone else could have booked that time slot instead.

5. Why no more regular nail polish for my nails?

We are changing with the industry with the latest nail technology. To better serve you and your nails we use gel polish on all enhancement services. This creates longer lasting nails in between appointments. 

6. Why no kids allowed?

There are airborne dust particles, debris from filing and chemicals throughout the salon. To ensure everyone stays safe, this rule is a must.