Please read the entire list. If you agree with everything on the list; we can proceed to making your appointment. If not, it has been wonderful servicing you and I wish you nothing but the best and happiness in your nail care needs.
*** non-negotiable ***

What we were already doing:
As mandated by STATE LAW for all nail salons, nail technicians and any licensed cosmetologist practicing manicuring:

1- Sanitizing in between each client.
2- Washing hands before and after each client.
3- Properly scrubbing, washing, rinsing and disinfecting stainless steel tools: foot files, cuticle pushers, nippers and toe nail cutters; with an EPA registered hospital grade disinfect for no less than a 10 minute soak or saturation time.
4- Properly scrubbing, washing, rinsing and disinfecting the pedicure tub with an EPA registered hospital grade disinfect for no less than a 10 minute soak or saturation time.
5- All disposable one time use pedicure supplies, including: files, buffers, slippers, pumice bars, toe separators and spatulas. 
6- Sanitizing all files and buffers per state regulations.
7- Not using an MMA monomer but a cosmetic EMA monomer (acrylic liquid); also while not touching the skin during application.
8- Not using improper tools for manicuring or pedicuring such as blades or credo blades.
9- Cleaning high touch surfaces; these will now also be cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant every hour.
10- Sanitizing all salon towels with bleach after use.

What will be required for services? 

1- We will not be working over other people’s work
2- Must wash hands with soap for no less than 30 seconds before your service. You will not be able to touch anything after. This includes: cell phones, face, clothes, swatch sticks, purse etc. Until after the service is completed.  Hand sanitizer is not a suitable substitution for this.
3- No extra people including friends, family & children. This was already a part of policy but will now be strictly enforced.
4- You must wear a mask with ear loops in its proper manner covering nose and mouth completely from entry to exit of the premises. You must supply your own as we do not have them at the shop.
5- We will no longer be soaking off nails that are not applied at Classy Claws. You now must come with bare nails.
6- All appointment slots effective immediately are 3 or 4 weeks, there will no longer be 2 week appointments available due to lack of room to accommodate everyone.
7- Each appointment slot will now be at minimum 2 hours to accommodate 30 minutes of cleaning/disinfecting time in between each client to ensure the most safe environment.
8- Temperatures will be taken at the door, plus brief questionnaire with a no touch thermometer to verify you do not have a fever. If you are sick or have been within the last 14 days you must reschedule.
9- A waiver must be signed and initialed at EVERY appointment.
10- By appointment only and no one is allowed to make reservations any further than 2 months in advance 

What we are doing to keep you safe:

1- Running a Clean Air AeroVex system to filter airflow. .
2- Everyone will be wearing required PPE including gloves, masks, and face shields.
3- Table shields will be installed at each manicure station.
4- Moved & Created 6 ft distance between each workstation.
5- We will be scheduling extra time in between clients to properly clean and disinfect.
6- Keep more accurate client contact info in case of Covid-19 tracing occurs. (name, date, time, phone number & email address)
7- Sign at the door to cease entry if you have been within the last 14 days or feel sick.
8- Waiting area will no longer be available for use. All clients will be required to stay in their car before their service until they receive a text to come inside.
9- At this time we are unable to offer you beverages.
10- All magazines, catalogs and business cards will no longer be available.

Classy Claws Salon Policies

  • No children allowed in the salon. If you bring your children your appointment will be canceled and the full amount of your service is due.
  • 24 hour notice required to cancel or reschedule your appointments or you will owe the full amount of your anticipated services.
  • No money = No service. We hold the right to prosecute for theft of services.
  • If you book 2 services for one appointment slot but come to your scheduled appointment only wanting to complete one of the services you will be asked to pay for BOTH. These are TWO separate appointments even though they were booked at the same time. Please cancel (within 24 hours) any additional services you do not want to receive before coming to you appointment. 
  • Keep cell phone usage to a minimum. Clients who mess up their nails due to phone usage may not get smears repaired if time does not allow it.
  • No making an appointment for anyone other than yourself.
  • Prices are non-negotiable.
  • No guarantees.
  • One nail repair free with service.
  • No refunds.
  • No Call No Show on your first appointment with us will result in you never getting booked again.
  • A No Call No Show on an appointment will result in you owing the full cost of the service, plus be required to prepay for your next service.
  • A courtesy text is sent to remind you of you appointment. This does not happen all the time, as it is your responsibility to keep track of your appointments and cancel on time.
  • A 15 minute grace period is given for you appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will either be canceled and the full amount of the service is owed or you will be asked to take a shortened service.
  • Please take the weather into account when leaving for your service. All services will end at the time allotted for them.
  • No chemical treatments for young adults under the age of 15 without written parental consent.
  • If you are sick, please call and reschedule. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any one for any circumstance.